Looking over the huangpu river. The waterway bisects the city, and is a major transport artery for goods flowing from upstream.

What does one think of when one thinks of Shanghai?

On the only electric trolly line in the city, built during the 2008 Olympics as a demonstration project.

Waiting for the metro. Shanghai has an incredibly extensive and efficient public transportation system. It was quite a shock for me years ago, coming from Beijing.

Is it a city of young white-collar workers, rushing to and from their jobs?

Nanjing West Road, one of the more the upscale shopping and business sections of the town.

A north/Eastern part of town. The city has clusters of highly-developed sections spread throughout.

Is it a noir-ish cityscape, where ordinary and extraordinary stories are told?

Riding on an Ofo bike, one of the pioneers of ride sharing, along with Mobike.

Inside an older alleyway. Folks there seems to maintain an older/small-town sort of life. Mostly consisted of blue collar workers and their families.

Folks on bikes,

Vendor by the entrance to a subway station.

Street performers at an outdoor mall.


Out-of-towners on the elevated walkway in the Lujiazui financial district. The clocktower behind them is a part of the new flagship Disney Store.

Looking at Jellyfish at the Shanghai Aquarium.


Plum blossoms in the Jingan Sculpture Park.

An old art deco building in one of the busiest shopping districts.


Muslim street vendor selling food. They setup along a street near a mosque every Friday. The aroma of lamb and cumin could be smelled several blocks away.

A fruit vendor near a subway stop in the Pudong High-Tech District.


A young woman in a cosplay custom (Shanghai has no school uniforms like this) walking out of a metro station.

An older gentleman near a crosswalk.

The young and the old.

Looking out from a hill within Jingan Park. A peaceful retreat amid the ritzy shops and office buildings nearby.

Ancient as well as nascent, nostalgic as well as emergent, its opportunities vast and its humanity boundless.
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